Tribal Maps

Tribal Maps Introduction:

We have used various resources for our maps because it is difficult to find one map that depicts locations for many of  Native tribes.

There are several reasons for this.  Some tribes  led  nomadic lifestyles and continuously moved  to follow buffalo herds or other animals. Over time they ended up in areas different from their original tribal grounds.   Others moved to escape confrontations with other tribes; while many Natives  were forcibly displaced (e.g., the Cherokees, Choctaw, Navajo etc.)  by the U.S. government.

The end result is that today many Native Americans are not living  in the locations where their ancestors originally lived. Finding out this information would require several maps. 

It should be noted that there are some tribes that managed to never move from their original area.  An example would be the Zuni of New Mexico. The Zuni are distinct in that they have managed to remain quite unaffected by outer influences over the years. They still claim the same land they always lived on, an area about the size of Rhode Island. They also mainly reside in one city — Zuni, New Mexico.

It should also be noted that this is an ongoing process and Native maps will be added over a period of time.  In the meantime there are several good books available  that offer both informative text, illustrations, and maps to help you trace the origins of for many of the tribes.

Atlas of Indian Nations by Anton Treuer

Atlas of the North American Indian by Carl Waldman

Indian Nations of North America by National Geographic

We have found that the site with the best Native maps is We found their maps to be clear  and easy for everyone  to understand. The maps have been added to the pages of the particular tribes listed in Tribalpedia.

Here are several maps we found that may be helpful for overall information.

Teachers may want to review the states first:


Map of the major Native Tribes in the US.

Map of the major Native Tribes in the US.


Major Native American Tribes by county in 2000. Info- Census Bureau data

Major Native American Tribes by county in 2000. Info- Census Bureau data