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The information for each tribe was obtained from various sources including the Tribal websites, Wikipedia, and other educational sites involved in Native Indian history. We have condensed the material from all of these sources to make it easier for you to read. Note that not every tribe is listed. There are records for over 4000 Native American tribes, but only 513 are still recognized by the US Government. This is an ongoing project and information will be added on a continuing basis.

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Background image: Dowa Yalanne, Zuni. Photo courtesy of R.Deck.
Note: Dowa Yalanne (Zuni: “Corn Mountain”) is sacred to the Zuni people. The mesa is a place for shrines and religious activities, and is closed to outside visitors.
Read more about Dowa Yalanne in our Zuni entry.
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Santa Fe Days in the Park Announces Their 2018 Featured Artists,  Tony and Violet  Duncan

Featured Artists Tony and Violet Duncan with family. ICTMN

The 14th Annual Santa Fe Days in the Park by the Indigenous Institute of the Americas is a family-friendly event featuring two days of interactive festivities celebrating Native American Indian culture and knowledge through jewelry, crafts, dance, music, food, games, seminars, storytelling and hands-on teaching from respected Native educators.

The event is March 17th and 18th, 2018, from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm each day.

Santa Fe Days in the Park features over 70 American Indian artists from at least 40 Nations and is the only authentic Native American Indian art market in North Texas.

The 2018 Santa Fe Days in the Park featured artists include five-time world champion hoop dancer and internationally-recognized Canyon Records flute player Tony Duncan (San Carlos Apache, Arikara, Hidatsa) and his wife Violet Duncan (Plains Cree and Taino,) a championship winning fancy shawl dancer and author.

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